Events Autumn Semester

21 Jul 23:31

Thats it. All events of this academic year are over.
Now you have some time to focus on your studies (and so do we). ;)

But don't be sad, there are more events to come after the exam session!
For the first time this year, we will host a second LAN party this autumn in addition to the next PolyLAN Zürich on the easter weekend. While we can't give you the full details right now because we are still planning, we can tell you that it will be more "relaxed" than the easter LAN. This means that it will be a lot less competitive so there will be no big tournaments. There may be some...

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PolyLAN 2018 Pictures!

12 May 15:17

Better late than never!
We finaly selected some of the fotos from this years PolyLAN. Click here to check them out.
Thanks again to all you for attending and filling out the feedback form!
We hope to see you at our next LAN or any other GECo event!


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Polylan Zürich 2018 Informations

25 Mar 18:02

Polylan Zürich is getting closer and closer, and here we have some important informations for you! Please read everything carefully, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop on our discord server and ask any board member!

  1. General
  2. What to bring
  3. Access & Parking
  4. Food
  5. Sleeping
  6. Ticket
  7. u18 Form

1. General

The LAN starts on Friday, 30. March 2018 at 12:00. Check out the event timetable here.

To participate in a tournament you have to be at the LAN and signed up...

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Board Game Day for the Spring Semester 2018

19 Feb 18:48

Hi all
With the first board game day coming up this year, this is how it will run:

  • Entry fee will be 5.- CHF for VSETH / VSUZH members, 10.- CHF for others. This is one entry fee that will get you in to all 6 events of the spring semester (to be paid at the first event you attend).
  • We have some cool, new games. But bring some of your own favorite games as well.
  • We'll sell a very limited choice of softdrinks and beer. Bring your own food and drinks.

As mentioned before the first occurence is Sat Feb 24th, starting at 13:00 in the Alumni Pavillon.
See you there.

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PolyLAN 2018 - What to bring?

03 Feb 14:58

Like last year we will provide 3 outlets at every seat but we will also have an ethernet cable (RJ-48) preapared for you at your seat. So you can leave your cable at home.
Please remember to bring the following:

  • Your ticket (printed out or on your phone)
  • Your legi or student card if you got a discount
  • Your PC (Laptop or Desktop PC, as long as it can connect via LAN cable to the internet)
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Monitor (If you are using a Desktop PC)
  • All needed cables to hook up your peripherals to your PC and to power them
  • Headset (**Important: No speakers are...

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PolyLan17 Aftermovie and Signup for PolyLan 2018

24 Dec 16:00

The signups are now open for quite some time and we are slowly filling our seats.
We cant wait until its finally Easter again and we can enjoy our next lan together.
We hope that you can still get yourself one of the last earlybird tickets and wish you happy holidays.

Maybe you have missed our aftermovie of PolyLan Zurich 2017:

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Error 301 - Moved Permanently

12 Jul 17:29

Hello everybody!

Since today, we moved to our new (and improved) office opposite of our old one. You can find us now in room E 13 in the CAB. Feel free to visit us anytime.

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PolyLAN 2017 Aftermovie from Schneider Electric

25 Apr 15:16

The video produced by Schneider Electric at PolyLAN 2017 is out now! In order to watch it on youtube click here.

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PolyLAN 2017 Feedback and photos

19 Apr 18:28

Hello everybody!

We hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did. It was a little chaotic sometimes but still a lot of fun. To improve the next LAN party we'd like you to fill out a small feedback form. If there is something that you'd like to tell us but isn't in the form, there is a textbox on the bottom of the form or you can always create a thread in the forum or write us on Discord.

Also, we took a lot of photos...

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Less than a week to go. Things to keep in mind:

09 Apr 18:47

  • Lan Tournament signups close on friday at 17:00. If you can't make it in time contact me. !!!You have to signup at the event!!!
  • Signup for the ETHZvsEPFL Showmatches here
  • Check out our packing list here !!!Don't forget the 5m+ LanCable!!!
  • Looking for a player/team post here
  • Looking for a ride post here
  • Maybe pack some meat we organized a grill
  • You can get a parking card for the...

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Register NOW and get a free Powerbank

06 Apr 13:26

If you register and pay until Tuesday, 11. April @ GECO office (CAB E 14), you get a FREE POWERBANK by our main sponsor APC Schneider Electric. So hurry and sign up now to enjoy the easter weekend with us :D

If you want to have dinner on Friday-, Saturday- and/or Sundayevening, you will have to pay until Tuesday, 11. April as we need the exact numbers for the Catering. We recommend it, as there are only a few possbilities to eat @ Hönggerberg (and no possibility on Sunday).
Information here

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Registration is now open!

17 Mar 12:17

Hello everybody!

The registration for the PolyLAN 2017 is now open! Enlist now to join the galactic war and decide on which side you want to fight!
We have 255 seats available so sign up soon.
Information here
Registration here

See you at the LAN!

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Our poster for the LAN party is finally here!

01 Mar 13:54

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Online Tournaments & Public Viewings Poll

16 Jan 13:21

Hello everybody

We've set up a poll to plan some smaller events like game sessions and public viewings, and we'd like to hear your opinion on which game you'd like to play / watch.

You'll find the poll if you follow this link.

This poll is about community activities that GECO will organise for you. We are planning on having online game sessions, maybe even tournaments, that will make you connect with other gamers in your favourite online multiplayer game. The main goal is having fun together.
We are also looking forward to organise public...

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Website is online

03 Dec 00:38

Hello everybody

After some time spent in development in the beta stage, the GECO website is finally done. Or at least the first release.
Some things will still be added and are a work in progress, but the basic functionality should be working fine.

You'll always find the newest updates & announcements concerning the LAN party here in the news section. At the moment we're still negotiating on where we will be holding the LAN party, but we're working really hard to get evertything ready for the LAN.

That's it for now, not much to write, but still exciting.

The GECO team

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