Events Autumn Semester

21 Jul 23:31

Thats it. All events of this academic year are over.
Now you have some time to focus on your studies (and so do we). ;)

But don't be sad, there are more events to come after the exam session!
For the first time this year, we will host a second LAN party this autumn in addition to the next PolyLAN Zürich on the easter weekend. While we can't give you the full details right now because we are still planning, we can tell you that it will be more "relaxed" than the easter LAN. This means that it will be a lot less competitive so there will be no big tournaments. There may be some smaller fun tournaments, but don't expect big prizes. If you're interested, make sure that you've nothing planned over the weekend of 19.10.18 - 21.10.18. Expect the registration to open somewhen around the start of the new semester.

But there is even more to come!
Because there were a considerable amount of people enjoying the Board Game Days, we will host another series of Board Game Days in the next semester.
And if you're into League of Legends or CS:GO, you might be happy to hear that we will organize public viewings of the World Championship finals and the FaceIt Major in London.

As always, there may be more events coming we didn't think of. So stay tuned!
See you next semester!

PolyLAN FS24
Sold tickets
36 / 250
Friday 29. March 2024, 12:00
Monday 01. April 2024, 13:00
CHN Building
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15. Dec, 18:00, Location: CAB D21
Mario Kart 12P Tournament
15. Dec, 18:30, Location: CAB D21
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16. Dec, 16:00, Location: Alumni Pavillon