Polylan Zürich 2018 Informations

25 Mar 18:02

Polylan Zürich is getting closer and closer, and here we have some important informations for you! Please read everything carefully, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop on our discord server and ask any board member!

  1. General
  2. What to bring
  3. Access & Parking
  4. Food
  5. Sleeping
  6. Ticket
  7. u18 Form

1. General

The LAN starts on Friday, 30. March 2018 at 12:00. Check out the event timetable here.

To participate in a tournament you have to be at the LAN and signed up for the tournament until 18:00 on Friday.

You can already form teams using the game channels on our discord server and signup or find the tournament rules on our website.

We strongly recommend to arrive at the LAN as early as possible, to have some spare time to setup your pc and sleeping space.

If you want to invite any visitors, we would suggest to do so on Sunday when the finals take place and the bar is open.

Please make sure you downloaded most games you want to play and updated your games before coming to the lan, to avoid unnecessary strain on our network.

2. What to bring

  • Your ticket (printed out or on your phone)
  • Your legi or student card if you got a discount
  • Valid ID / Drivers Licence (necessary, please do not forget this one!)
  • Your PC (Laptop or Desktop PC)
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Monitor (If you are using a Desktop PC)
  • All needed cables to hook up your peripherals to your PC and to power them (except Ethernet-cable)
  • Headset (Important: No speakers are allowed at the LAN party!)
  • Controller, HOTAS, anything you need to play your favourite games
  • A sleeping bag and a mat or air mattress to sleep on
  • Towel, Toothbrush etc.
  • The u18 form (see below)

Please make sure your PC has a port for a LAN cable, if not, please get an adapter (e.g. USB to LAN) to connect to the network!

You don’t need to take an ethernet cable with you, this year, each seat is equipped with an ethernet cable!

3. Access & Parking

You can either access the Polylan Zurich via Public transport or by Car.

If you take the public transport, take the bus to the Station ETH Hönggerberg, and from there it’s right around the corner.

If you come by car, please see this map on how to get there. If possible, form car pools to get there (see the #carpool channel on our discord server).

Parking is available for 10.- for the whole LAN, however you’ll need to pay again if you leave the parking during the LAN and want to park again (this is how we were able to get the cheap prices for the parking).

4. Food

First: You find the exact times of the food schedule on the timetable on the website.

There will be a free breakfast every morning for you to get started into the day.

After the breakfast there will be hot sandwiches you can make yourself for around 3.- and Popcorn for 1.-

Friday and Sunday evening between 18:00 and 21:00 (maybe longer if a lot of people want food) we’ll have foodtrucks offering delicious food:

On friday we’ll have El Tacon de Oro at the venue, and on Sunday SoulKöfte.

Please be advised: During the time where the foodtrucks are here, we won’t offer any other food.

On saturday, the stores are open. Right next to the venue, there’s a Coop supermarket where you can buy food. Between 18:00 and 21:00 on saturday you can use our grill, so feel free to get something to throw on the BBQ!

Sunday evening, we’ll open the bar during the finals! Take your ID / Passport / Drivers License with you, or else we won’t sell you any alcohol!

5. Sleeping

We’ll have several sleeping rooms for you to sleep. Take a sleeping bag and a mat with you to sleep more comfortable!

6. Ticket

Please take your ticket with you, you’ll need it to check in! You find your ticket right here.

7. u18 Form

If you're not 18 years old at the polylan yet, it is absolutely necessary that you take the filled out u18 form with you. You find the form here. If you don't bring the form with you, we may deny you the access to the polylan until you have it, so double-check that you have it before you make your way to the polylan!

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