What is a LAN party?

A local area network (LAN) party is when people get together in a physical space to connect their computers or consoles to the same LAN network and play video games.
LAN parties became popular in the ’90s when broadband internet was expensive and uncommon.
They can vary in size, from a get-together with a few friends to a major event involving hundreds of people.

Where do I find all the information?

When our next LAN party is right around the door we will publish all the information you need on the same page announcing the event.
Additionally, you can join our Discord Server!

What is there to do?

You can play games solo or with others in multiplayer modes. We organize both competitive (exclusive to the spring LAN party) and casual tournaments as well as offer the possibility to do some relaxed couch gaming on provided consoles. The possibilities don't end there as we are always looking to offer fresh activities, so if you have an idea, feel free to contact us.

Do I need a PC to go?

While most people choose to bring their PC setup, you are not required to have one in order to reserve a seat. You can bring a laptop, a Wii U, a tablet or even just your phone.

What do I find at my seat?

Your ticket includes access to your seat during the entire duration of the LAN.
You will be provided with a table slot and a chair , a LAN cable as well as at least three Swiss electrical power outlets.

...And what else is offered?

If you are arriving by car, you have the possibility of buying parking cards to make use of the ETH's main parking house. In order to purchase them, please approach one of the Admins.
In all LANs you will have access to showers as well as resting areas, indicated on maps and via arrow signs leading to them. You also have the option of purchasing soft and alcoholic drinks at a reduced price by the Admin area.
During the Autumn LAN we also offer free breakfast in the mornings.

What may I NOT bring or leave at my seat?

Please do not leave bulky items such as suitcases, mattresses or unattended children in the gaming area. Please also do not bring any electrical appliance that is NOT related to gaming (e.g. kettle, fridge, microwave, raclette heater, beer tap, etc). Further, do not bring speakers, use headphones.
You can leave bulk items at your own discretion in the resting areas.

Do I need friends to go?

Absolutely not! We organize events to connect people and invite everyone to have fun. For competitive players we organize tournaments and PvP events, and for casual and relaxed gamers we offer a variety of co-op and couch games where people can simply join in for a few rounds and have fun. If there is a specific game you want to play you can also send a message in our Discord server to find people to play with.

I want to help! Who do I talk to?

We are happy to hear that you want to contribute! If you are a student of ETH or UZH you can become part of the GECo team. If you are not a student or just want to help out, we are always in need of helpful hands during setup and teardown of our Easter PolyLAN. And worry not, you will be rewarded with a free ticket to the Easter LAN, as well as other boons!

If you are interested you are very welcome to come talk to us personally. You can find us by our Admin T-shirts.

PolyLAN Autumn 24
Sold tickets
27 / 150
Friday 18. October 2024, 12:00
Sunday 20. October 2024, 17:00
CAB F21 (StuZ)
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