I haven't been to a LAN Party yet, what is it about?
Good question. You'll be able to play games in a big hall together with friends, but also with total strangers. Team up with other people and join the tournaments we'll be hosting, play some co-op games with others, enjoy the showmatches (and if you're really good, even participate in them) and mainly have a ton of fun!
What about sleep?
Sleep? There will be no time for it!
Just kidding, we'll organize a room that will be dark and quiet during the LAN party so that you can relax and get some sleep after hours and hours of gaming. Make sure to bring a sleeping bag, it will be much more comfortable with one than without one.

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I uploaded an animated gif file as my avatar, why is it not moving?
Because it can get really distracting when a lot of flashy gifs are on one page, we disabled the animation of gifs. You still can upload the gif file as your avatar, but it will just use the first frame of the animation as a static picture.
How does the League of Legends verification work?
You add your summonername, and the website generates a random string. You then rename one of your mastery pages to that random string and click on the verify button. On clicking that button, a script fetches your masterypages via the Riot API and checks if one of them matches the random string. If the script finds it, you must be the owner of (or at least have access to) that account and we save the account id in the database.
How does the Steam verification work?
By clicking on the link account button on your profile, you'll be take to the steam website where you can log in. After you've successfully logged in, steam redirects you back to the GECO website and passes your 64-bit steam id along. We save the steam id in our database and use that id to make calls to the steam API whenever someone visits your profile to get your steam name, online status and game you're currently playing. Don't worry, your password never leaves the steam website, it's completely impossible that we can do any harm with the information we're getting (and even if, we wouldn't).


I'd really like to ask you a question / present you my awesome idea, how can I do that?
Just write us a message on the contact page or visit us in our office at CAB E13 at ETH.