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[Event] BGD HS2022

Date: Friday, 14. October 2022, 16:00
Location: StuZ (CAB F21) / Alumni Pavillon

As usual we're organising the Board Game Days where everyone is welcome to join and play board and card games for a few hours. As the Board Game Days grew bigger and the space in our usual location the Alumni Pavillon isn't enough anymore, we have of our Board Game Days Specials in STuZ (CAB...

Tickets for PolyLAN Autumn open!

Posted on: Friday, 30. September 2022, 16:17 by Hliddal

We just opened the ticket sale for our smaller autumn PolyLAN.
Get your ticket now to have one of the best seats!

Join the PolyLAN team!

Posted on: Sunday, 06. February 2022, 17:56 by layersa

After a break of over two years, GECo plans to offer another weekend full of gaming, caffeine and sleep deprivation on April 15th to the 18th! Join the PolyLAN to compete in fun tournaments or just to casually play something with your friends and/or other participants you'll meet there. Everyone is welcome!

We’re looking forward to a great comeback of the PolyLAN after such a long time.

If you wanna be part of organizing this and future PolyLANs, you can join the team of GECo. Help us after such a long time to make ETH and UZH game again!

For the PolyLAN we need students...

GECo events cancelled!

Posted on: Friday, 10. December 2021, 12:09 by layersa

Due to the current Corona situation, it is not justifiable for us to carry out events. That’s why we decided to cancel all our events until the end of this semester.

But don’t worry, on our Discord server you are still able to search for game buddies to play video games with.

We want to thank you for your numerous participation in our Board Game Days and Social Gaming Events.

We hope you all stay healthy!