Thank you all for coming to Polylan 2019

[Event] CSGO Swiss UniCup

Date: Saturday, 05. October 2019, 14:00
Location: Online

In our first UniCup we want to see which canton has the best university-players!
The UniCup will start on October 5th at 14:00 CET. Signup will end on the same day at 12:00 CET.
Signup can be found here.
Rulebook can be found...

BGD Special Edition: MTG Draft

Posted on: Friday, 10. May 2019, 14:21 by changed

As every semester there will be a magic tournament organized by the GECo. This semester we decided to to host 2 boosterdrafts with different editions: We will be hosting a Draft with the Editions "Unstable" & "War of the Spark". "Unstable" is a fun edition with cards you can't use in other tournaments.

When: 1.6.19 13:00 - 18:00
Location: Alumni Pavillon
Format: Boosterdraft
Edition: Unstable / War of the Spark
Entry: 12.-/10.-
Registration required

Further information & registration here: Unstable / [War of the...

PolyLAN FS2019 is over!

Posted on: Wednesday, 24. April 2019, 15:15 by felunka

Thank you all for coming to our FS2019 PolyLAN! We had a great time and hope you did as well. Make sure fill out our feedback form. This helps us to create an even better experience! The form can be found here.

We have uploaded a few pictures, check them out here.

The after movie is online here!

Vault19 out

Last week to get your ticket!

Posted on: Friday, 05. April 2019, 11:07 by felunka

It is only two weeks till we will enter the vault and start a glorious weekend of gaming at this year’s PolyLAN! We can not wait to welcome you all, but we need some time prepare everything for you. That is why we will close the ticketing process on Sunday, the 14th of April at 23:59! That means you will not be able to buy your ticket after that date!
See you at the LAN!