Online Tournaments & Public Viewings Poll

Posted on: Monday, 16. January 2017, 13:21 by SwatVI

Hello everybody

We've set up a poll to plan some smaller events like game sessions and public viewings, and we'd like to hear your opinion on which game you'd like to play / watch.

You'll find the poll if you follow this link.

This poll is about community activities that GECO will organise for you. We are planning on having online game sessions, maybe even tournaments, that will make you connect with other gamers in your favourite online multiplayer game. The main goal is having fun together.
We are also looking forward to organise public viewings of popular e-sports matches and tournaments. For those occasions we might even collaborate with the legendary Pub at ETH.
Now we need YOUR help giving us input about what games should be played and watched. Making sure that your game is going to be picked you should forward this poll to all of your friends that might be interested in such activities.
Thank you very much for your help!

PS: If you do not find your favourite game listed below, message us on facebook or let us know on our Discord server or in the forum. We will make sure that your game will be added.