PolyLAN Impressions

PolyLAN - the biggest Lan-Party in Zurich!

We organise two events per year where you can spend an extended weekend playing video games in an amazing location, together with over a hundred other people.

Bring your friends, your gaming clan, meet up with people you mainly see online, or find new people to play with!

In spring, you can enjoy four days of PolyLAN over the Easter weekend. As our big event, it features more people, a bigger location, and E-Sports tournaments with price pools.

Do you have the team and skill to compete in LoL or CS2? Or do you prefer the smaller tournaments and fun events?

Autumn PolyLAN is only three days, less people, and everyone on a single floor. More fun events, less competitive, and a chill atmosphere.

Lan-Party means bring your own device – PC, monitor, peripherals, headset, cables.

We provide you with an ethernet cable and at least three power outlets at your seat.

While Lan-Parties focus on PC gaming, we also have a console gaming corner set up for you and some tournaments in spring.

Or if you prefer to play on a laptop, tablet, or even have a complete streamer setup, bring it!

PolyLAN Autumn 24
Sold tickets
26 / 150
Friday 18. October 2024, 12:00
Sunday 20. October 2024, 17:00
CAB F21 (StuZ)
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