PolyLAN 2017 Feedback and photos

19 Apr 18:28

Hello everybody!

We hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did. It was a little chaotic sometimes but still a lot of fun. To improve the next LAN party we'd like you to fill out a small feedback form. If there is something that you'd like to tell us but isn't in the form, there is a textbox on the bottom of the form or you can always create a thread in the forum or write us on Discord.

Also, we took a lot of photos at the LAN. This is a selection of some of the best pictures.

See you at our next event ;)

PolyLAN HS23
Sold tickets
35 / 128
Friday 06. October 2023, 13:00
Sunday 08. October 2023, 16:00
Next events
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29. Sep, 18:00, Location: CAB D21
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30. Sep, 16:00, Location: food&lab
PolyLAN HS23
06. Oct, 12:00, Location: CAB F21