PolyLAN 2018 - What to bring?

03 Feb 14:58

Like last year we will provide 3 outlets at every seat but we will also have an ethernet cable (RJ-48) preapared for you at your seat. So you can leave your cable at home.
Please remember to bring the following:

  • Your ticket (printed out or on your phone)
  • Your legi or student card if you got a discount
  • Your PC (Laptop or Desktop PC, as long as it can connect via LAN cable to the internet)
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Monitor (If you are using a Desktop PC)
  • All needed cables to hook up your peripherals to your PC and to power them
  • Headset (Important: No speakers are allowed at the LAN party!)
  • Controller, HOTAS, anything you need to play your favourite games
  • A sleeping bag and if you want a mat to sleep on
  • Towel, Toothbrush etc.

We are realy excited to see you at the easter weekend!