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BGD Casino Special

Date: Friday, 06. May 2022, 13:00
Location: StuZ (CAB F21)

On May 6th we will have another BGD Casino Special! 🎉

After 2 years, we are finally back with an evening of fun casino games without any of the risks of actual gambling during on of our Board Game Days. Push your luck and test your skill to increase your chip stack - there will be prizes for the most chips handed in at the end! The first prize is sponsored by Swiss Casino Zurich. Even more prizes can be won in an independent raffle (more information at the event itself).

You can expect a roulette table, GECo Hold-Em (a casino poker variation) and 21 gekkos (a black jack variation), all games with a bias towards the payers. Come and play whenever and for however long you want. As usual, our normal board game collection will be available as well (as our Board Game Day will take place independantly), so if you don't care about casino games you can still come and play more standard board games.

When: May 6th 2022, starting at 13:00 (prize ceremony around 19:30, games available up until ~22:00)
Where: StuZ, CAB F21

Sign up is not necessary, but appreciated (to estimate amount of people to be expected)