Social Gaming FS24

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What is the Social Gaming Event?
The Social Gaming Events is a place where we offering video games and other party games focused on bringing people together! During the evening, the room Yu&Mi (CAB D21) will be transformed into a relaxing social and gaming atmosphere. Multiple multiplayer game stations are provided. The perfect way to spend time with passionate and casual gamers you already know or met at the event.

We encourage everyone to join, no matter how good (or bad) you are at gaming. The overall goal of the evening is just to have some fun together.
You can either stay from start to finish, or just drop by for a beverage. And if your're curious about what games you can play at our Event, take a Look at the SGE Game Menu . Or bring your own Games to play.

Mario Kart Special
Participation in the Tournament is Free for students, and limited to a maximum of 48 Players. Helpers and people who loan us their harware can register in advace.
The Tournament starts after 19:00 and ends before 22:00

Rules: 150cc, normal Items, no Bots, 4 Races/Cup, Single Elimination, free Course choice.
No guaranteed unlocked cart parts.
The cutoff player rank for elimination depends on the total number of Players.
In case of a draw, you either come to an agreement, or first to 3 in Rock, Paper, Scisors)

Loaning us Harware:
We need another 2 Nintendo Switches (including docking station, power supply and Mario Kart 8) and 4 Nintendo Pro Controllers for the full 12 Player Setup. If you have any of these, coordinate with us on the GECo Discord to guarantee yourself a spot and a free Beverage.

We are allways thankfull for people who help with setup, teardown, and bar shifts.
So in case that is something for you: our Discord Helper channel

PolyLAN Autumn 24
Sold tickets
27 / 150
Friday 18. October 2024, 12:00
Sunday 20. October 2024, 17:00
CAB F21 (StuZ)
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