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06 Feb 17:56

After a break of over two years, GECo plans to offer another weekend full of gaming, caffeine and sleep deprivation on April 15th to the 18th! Join the PolyLAN to compete in fun tournaments or just to casually play something with your friends and/or other participants you'll meet there. Everyone is welcome!

We’re looking forward to a great comeback of the PolyLAN after such a long time.

If you wanna be part of organizing this and future PolyLANs, you can join the team of GECo. Help us after such a long time to make ETH and UZH game again!

For the PolyLAN we need students for:

Network and IT
  • Creation of a detailed network plan / setup, planning of network build up / tear down incl. transport, communication with ETH and Cisco
  • Preparation of the hardware (switches, server) before the event
  • Coordination and support of network during build up / tear down and the event (i.e. corrections of the network plan in case of unexpected problems)
  • General maintenance of GECo IT Infrastructure
Power Supply
  • Creation of a detailed power supply plan / setup, planning of power supply build up / tear down incl. Transport, communication with ETH, KOSTA and the electricity company which does the setup check.
  • Coordination and support of power supply during build up / tear down and during the event (i. e. corrections of the power supply plan in case of unexpected problems)
  • Creation of a detailed list with the required equipment; order and pick up before the event (pick up is a few days before the event); return equipment after the event and clean it if necessary
Helper Coordination
  • Creation of a detailed helper schedule for the event as well as the organisation of food for the helpers during the event
  • Coordination and support for the helpers during the event, Coordination of the helper food during the event
  • Organisation of helper compensations after the event (i. e. helper dinner after the event)
  • Recordings during the event (timelapses, event photographs, photos during the award ceremony, recording and cutting of the aftermovie, livestreams of the finals (as a support for photography the Foto-Kommission can be asked)
  • Organisation of the food offers and food orders (in cooperation with SV)
  • Organisation of drink offers
  • Coordination and support for the food offers during the event (i. e. corrections of the orders in case of unexpected problems)

In addition, we also have some free positions in the sponsoring and the website team:

  • Administrate the GECo website and update the CMS periodically
  • Handle IT related communication with the VSETH
  • Manage the ticketsale and setup of PolyLAN (i. e. setup the seatmap)
  • Keep list with sponsors up to date
  • Communication with current sponsors and potential new sponsors for events
  • Sponsoring is mainly for PolyLAN but also for other GECo events if needed / requested

If you have any questions you can contact Layersa in our Discord server or write a mail to

When you want to be a part of us, fill out the Google Form and tell us in which position you are interested in.

PolyLAN Autumn 24
Sold tickets
27 / 150
Friday 18. October 2024, 12:00
Sunday 20. October 2024, 17:00
CAB F21 (StuZ)
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