Surviving the quarantine with GECo

01 Apr 21:24

To keep you entertained througout these times, we re-structured or mostly offline board- and video-gaming events to work online. We came up with the following ideas:

  • Finding people to play video games with
  • A big minecraft server
  • Virtual Board Gaming (as a replacement for the Board Game Days)

For that, we created a new Discord server. It should serve as a platform to find gaming buddies, ask questions or make recommendations if you have more ideas how we could keep you entertained. Just join the server and find like-minded people to play with.

Next LAN

PolyLAN 2023

Sold tickets
72 / 369
Friday 07. April 2023, 12:00
Monday 10. April 2023, 13:00
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Social Gaming FS23
28. Feb, 18:00, Location: Yu&Mi CAB D21