The impact of COVID-19 on GECo

13 Mar 18:20

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we have to cancel all our events for this semester.
This includes PolyLAN, Board Game Days, Social Gaming Events and PubQuiz.


PolyLAN Easter 2020 is canceled. We will refund the paid tickets as soon as possible.
If you paid with PayPal we will refund you directly on PayPal. Due to PayPal’s handling of refunds, you will receive a slightly lower amount than you paid originally.
We are still looking for a way to refund the cash payments. We will inform you once we have found a solution.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

As a replacement we will run online tournaments in League of Legends and CS:GO on Easter Saturday.
To stay updated join the PolyLAN ZH Discord and unlock the lol or csgo channel.
Signup for the tournaments: LoL CS:GO

Board Game Days

All events this semester are canceled. But we’re working on ideas to move them online.
Join the GECo Discord (This is not the same as the PolyLAN Discord!) to be informed on future updates.
We’ll also keep the event page updated. More information here

Role Playing Games Day

The event will be held online. More information here

We already invested quite some time into these events and are saddened by their cancellations.
We hope that our efforts to offer alternative events will make the time until the pandemic is over more enjoyable.

PolyLAN Autumn 24
Sold tickets
26 / 150
Friday 18. October 2024, 12:00
Sunday 20. October 2024, 17:00
CAB F21 (StuZ)
Next events
Social Gaming FS24
24. May, 18:00, Location: CAB D21
Board Game Days FS24
31. May, 16:00, Location: food&lab