BGD Special: 36 Hours

This event is over

Always wanted to play that game of Terraforming Mars or Terra Mystica, but never had the time to learn and try out new games? Prepare for an all-nighter as we level up our gaming session to a massive 36-hour extravaganza! That's right, you read it correctly. Join us on April 1st morning through April 2nd evening for an extended experience. With longer playing hours, you'll have plenty of time to either replay older games until you win, or explore new board games you never had the time to try.

In other terms, this will still be a normal BGD, but with the possibility to just game through the night. Your friendly GECo members will be there throughout to play games with you guys. Light snacks would be provided on the days as usual, but food will be on yourselves. If you have any other questions you can always contact us on our discord.

You can come whenever and with whomever you want, bring all your favourite games or use the board and card games from our stock, our collection has something for everyone. Find our regularly updated collection here:

This special BGD will also not cost anything extra than the usual 5 CHF (VSETH / VSUZH) / 10 CHF (others) per semester.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to indulge in non-stop gaming fun. See you there!

PolyLAN Autumn 24
Sold tickets
13 / 150
Friday 18. October 2024, 12:00
Sunday 20. October 2024, 17:00
CAB F21 (StuZ)
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