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BGD:MTG Fun Draft

Date: Saturday, 01. June 2019, 13:00
Location: Alumni Pavillon MM 78.1


Join us for the FS19 GECo Magic Booster Draft - simultaneously to the Board Game Day.
What does this mean for you? The Draft takes place from 13:00 ~ 18:00. Afterwards you are welcome to stay and play Magic the Gathering or another board game from our wide selection until 24:00!

Price for the draft: 12.- (please bring it with you at the event)
There will be drinks to student prices.

Please show up UNTIL 13:00. Registered users have priority, but you're welcome to spontaneously come by and play along (without having signed up).

But what exactly is a Booster Draft?
A Booster Draft is a mode where you have to build a (hopefully) succesful deck with a limited number of cards. You can find an exact description on how to play it, on the official homepage.
If you are new to Magic or think your skills have subsided, you will find the right information to freshen up your knowledge with the Quickstart Guide or some helpful videos.
An other way to get in touch with the game is to play it. ONLINE! Magic Arena is free-to-play.

The cards are in english.
We are drafting with "Unstable" (3 Booster)!
Lands will be provided and there won't be a rare re-draft.

Please sign up so that we can estimate how many people will play and can organize accordingly.