Our poster for the LAN party is finally here!

Posted on: Wednesday, 01. March 2017, 13:54 by Bermos

Online Tournaments & Public Viewings Poll

Posted on: Monday, 16. January 2017, 13:21 by SwatVI

Hello everybody

We've set up a poll to plan some smaller events like game sessions and public viewings, and we'd like to hear your opinion on which game you'd like to play / watch.

You'll find the poll if you follow this link.

This poll is about community activities that GECO will organise for you. We are planning on having online game sessions, maybe even tournaments, that will make you connect with other gamers in your favourite online multiplayer game. The main goal is having fun together.
We are also looking forward to organise public...

Website is online

Posted on: Saturday, 03. December 2016, 00:38 by SwatVI

Hello everybody

After some time spent in development in the beta stage, the GECO website is finally done. Or at least the first release.
Some things will still be added and are a work in progress, but the basic functionality should be working fine.

You'll always find the newest updates & announcements concerning the LAN party here in the news section. At the moment we're still negotiating on where we will be holding the LAN party, but we're working really hard to get evertything ready for the LAN.

That's it for now, not much to write, but still exciting.

The GECO team