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Easter PolyLAN 2019

From 19.-22.4 with up to 500 seats.


The Lan will be held in the CHN building.
The seats will be on 4 floors which all open up to one big room. CHN picture

Tournaments and events

As in previous iterations there will be competitive tournaments in the biggest esports games:
* Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
* League of Legends
* Overwatch
* Rocket League
* Age Of Empires II
* Hearthstone

Some of the fun events we will offer:
* Battlefield Bad Company 2
* Smash Bros
* Mario Kart
* more to come

Sleeping & Showers

We’ll offer you multiple sleeping rooms and showers.

Entry fee

VSETH / VSUZH Students: 35.-
Other Students: 45.-
External: 55.-
You can only pay with PayPal until the start of the spring semester 2019 when payment in cash at the VSETH secretariat will also become available.
Your registration is only final after payment which will also unlock the seat map.

VIS and VMP Members will each receive a discount of 10 CHF
Additionally there are 100 Early Bird Tickets which are 5CHF cheaper

*Discounts will only apply if you are a member of the according organisations at the event date.
If you sign up in the wrong category you will be charged the price difference at the event.



To communicate we use our discord server.