Like in past years we will offer Clanrooms that seat up to 15 people!

They include a separated room just for you and your friends with 15 comfort seats and your own projector!

Here's one of our clanrooms:

Price: 1337.-

The clan-rooms are first-come-first-serve!

The process to get one of these rooms is the following:

  • Gather the 15 people you want to have in your clanroom (including yourself of course)
  • Contact us (see below on how) and tell us that you would like a clan room
  • You will receive a bill
  • Pay the bill within two weeks of the date of billing
    • If you pay within these 2 weeks, you'll receive 15 tickets for the clanroom, which you then can assign to your friends
    • If you do not pay within these 2 weeks, the clanroom will be given to the next users that request a clanroom, so make sure to pay within the time limit

If you would like to get one of these Clanrooms, please contact SwatVI#5012 on our Discord Server and include the following in your message:

  • Full name of clan-leader
  • Full adress of clan-leader
  • Names on the GECo-Website for all 15 clan-members
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